The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Reselling Software Business in 2023

Anant Gupta
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Looking to establish a profitable venture in the software industry? Starting a reselling software business could be your golden ticket. This comprehensive guide outlines the ins and outs of this lucrative trade, with practical insights on various reseller programs, strategies for breaking into the market, and tips for building a successful business model.

Get ready to dive deep into the world of software reselling!

Key Takeaways

  • Starting a reselling software business can be a lucrative venture with high revenue potential, scalability, and access to diverse product ranges.
  • There are different types of reseller models to consider, such as SaaS reselling, white-label SaaS reselling, and affiliate marketing programs.
  • Some popular and reputable reseller programs include the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, ActiveCampaign Partner Program, Google Cloud Partner Advantage, GoDaddy Reseller Program, and Constant Contact Partner Programs.
  • To break into the software reseller market, consider offering white-label digital products for resale and exploring reseller programs in SEO, social media marketing, and PPC.

Understanding the Reselling Software  Business

A software reseller is someone who partners with software developers or publishers to sell their products or services to customers.

What is a software reseller?

A software reseller is a business that purchases software licenses from developers or publishers and sells them to end-users, either directly or through other resellers. They are key players in the software industry, often providing an efficient distribution channel for various software products.

As a software reseller, you become a bridge between the original developer and enterprise clients who need their solutions. This business model usually holds high profitability potential considering the increasing usage of specialized software services across industries.

You can express your entrepreneurial prowess by starting a successful venture in this promising field.

Benefits of becoming a software reseller

Becoming a software reseller can have numerous benefits for agency owners and resellers. Here are some key advantages to consider:

  1. Increased Revenue Potential: As a software reseller, you have the opportunity to earn significant profits through selling software products and services. With the right marketing strategies and client base, your earnings potential can be substantial.
  2. Scalability: The reselling software business allows for scalability, meaning you can start small and expand your operations as your customer base grows. This flexibility gives you the ability to adapt to market demands and increase your revenue over time.
  3. Diverse Product Range: By becoming a software reseller, you gain access to a diverse range of products from various software vendors. This allows you to cater to different customer needs and preferences, thereby increasing your chances of making sales.
  4. Established Brand Reputation: Partnering with reputable software vendors gives your reselling software business instant credibility in the market. It helps build trust with customers who are more likely to purchase from a trusted brand rather than an unknown entity.
  5. Cost Savings: Becoming a software reseller eliminates the need for costly product development and maintenance. Instead, you can leverage existing software solutions developed by established companies, saving time and resources while still offering high-quality products to your customers.
  6. Marketing Support: Many software vendors offer marketing support to their resellers, including promotional materials, co-marketing opportunities, and lead generation assistance. This support can help boost your marketing efforts and increase customer awareness of your offerings.
  7. Access to Advanced Technology: As a reseller, you gain access to cutting-edge technology solutions that may not be available or affordable for small businesses on their own. This allows you to offer advanced software tools and services that can give your customers a competitive edge.
  8. Ongoing Training and Support: Software vendors often provide training programs and ongoing support for their resellers. This ensures that you stay updated on the latest product features, industry trends, and sales techniques, enabling you to better serve your customers.
  9. Customer Retention: Software products often require ongoing support and updates, creating opportunities for recurring revenue streams. By offering excellent customer service and ongoing support to your clients, you can build strong relationships and increase customer retention rates.
  10. Professional Growth: Starting a reselling software business can be a stepping stone to professional growth and career advancement. Through learning about different software products, marketing strategies, and sales techniques, you can develop valuable skills that can open doors to new opportunities in the industry.

Different types of reseller models (SaaS reselling, white-label SaaS reselling, affiliate marketing programs)

There are several reseller models popular among software businesses today, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) reselling, white-label SaaS reselling, and affiliate marketing programs. Each of these models offers unique advantages and opportunities for agency owners and resellers.

Reseller Model Description
SaaS Reselling This is a model where you sell subscriptions to a software product owned by another company. The owner of the software handles the product development and maintenance, while the reseller is in charge of customer acquisition and support.
White-label SaaS Reselling White-label SaaS reselling allows you to sell a software product under your own brand, even though the product is developed and maintained by another company. This is an excellent way for agency owners to enhance their product portfolio and brand value, without the need for costly product development teams.
Affiliate Marketing Program Affiliate marketing programs involve promoting a software product owned by another company. In return, the affiliate earns a commission for each sale or lead generated through their marketing efforts. These programs can be a profitable means of income for those with strong marketing and sales skills.

It’s important to choose a model that aligns with your business goals, resources, and expertise. Whether you choose the SaaS reselling, white-label SaaS reselling software business, or affiliate marketing program model, each provides a viable way to enter the reselling software business with little to no product development required.

Best Reseller Programs

Some of the top reseller programs available include the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, ActiveCampaign Partner Program, Google Cloud Partner Advantage, GoDaddy Reseller Program, and Constant Contact Partner Programs.

Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

The Microsoft Cloud Partner Program is a top choice for agency owners and resellers looking to start a reselling software business. By joining this program, you gain access to Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based products and services, including Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and more.

As a partner, you can offer these highly sought-after solutions to your clients, helping them enhance their productivity and streamline their operations. Additionally, the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program provides comprehensive training resources and support to help businesses succeed in selling and implementing these powerful tools.

With its wide range of offerings and an industry-leading reputation, partnering with Microsoft through its reseller program can open up lucrative opportunities for your business in the software resale market.

ActiveCampaign Partner Program

The ActiveCampaign Partner Program is a highly regarded reseller program that offers agency owners and resellers the opportunity to provide their clients with top-notch marketing automation tools.

By joining this program, you gain access to activecampaign’s robust software platform, which includes features like email marketing, CRM integration, and personalized automation workflows.

The program also offers attractive benefits such as discounts on pricing plans and dedicated support for partners. With the ActiveCampaign Partner Program, agency owners and resellers can offer their clients cutting-edge solutions to enhance their marketing strategies and drive business growth.

Google Cloud Partner Advantage

One of the best reseller programs for agency owners and resellers is the Google Cloud Partner Advantage. This program offers a wide range of benefits, including access to Google’s cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and tools.

As a partner, you can tap into Google’s vast network of enterprise clients and leverage its brand reputation to attract customers. With Google Cloud Partner Advantage, you can provide your clients with innovative solutions such as data analytics, machine learning, and mobile app development.

By joining this program, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your business by offering high-quality software services backed by one of the biggest names in technology.

GoDaddy Reseller Program

One of the best reseller programs available for agency owners and resellers is the GoDaddy Reseller Program. This program allows individuals to offer their clients domain name registration, website hosting, email marketing services, and more under their own brand.

By becoming a GoDaddy reseller, you can tap into GoDaddy’s extensive customer base and trusted reputation while maintaining your own unique identity in the market. With competitive pricing and a user-friendly interface, the GoDaddy Reseller Program offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their reselling software business.

Constant Contact Partner Programs

Constant Contact offers a highly regarded partner program for those interested in reselling software business. As an agency owner or reseller, you can benefit from this program by offering Constant Contact’s email marketing and automation tools to your clients.

This not only adds value to your services but also provides an additional revenue stream through commission-based earnings. By becoming a Constant Contact partner, you gain access to a range of resources and support that will help you succeed in the reselling software business industry.

With Constant Contact’s established reputation and comprehensive suite of email marketing solutions, you can confidently offer top-notch services to your clients while growing your business.

Breaking into the Software Reseller Market

To break into the software reseller market, consider offering white-label digital products for resale and exploring reseller programs in SEO, social media marketing, and PPC.

White-label digital products for resale

White-label digital products are a valuable asset for reselling software business. These products, are created by one company but rebranded and sold by another, allowing resellers to offer high-quality software without the need for development or design work.

This means that agency owners and resellers can focus on marketing and sales, rather than spending time and resources on product creation. White labeling also provides flexibility in pricing, allowing resellers to set their own profit margins.

With an extensive range of white-label digital products available in various niches, resellers can tap into different markets and cater to diverse customer needs. This approach offers a cost-effective way to enter the reselling software business while providing customers with top-notch solutions at competitive prices.

SEO reseller program

One of the key strategies for success in a reselling software business is to consider offering an SEO reseller program. This program allows agency owners and resellers to provide their clients with comprehensive search engine optimization services without having to invest in specialized tools or hire a dedicated team.

By partnering with an established SEO provider, such as Moz or SEMrush, resellers can offer high-quality SEO services under their own brand name. This not only increases revenue potential but also enhances the value proposition for clients by providing them with a one-stop solution for all their digital marketing needs.

With the increasing demand for effective online visibility strategies, adding an SEO reseller program to your offerings can be a lucrative opportunity for growth and differentiation in the competitive reselling software business.

Social media marketing reseller program

One lucrative avenue for reselling software business is through social media marketing reseller programs. These programs allow agency owners and resellers to offer comprehensive social media marketing services to their clients without the need for extensive knowledge or resources in this field.

By partnering with established social media marketing providers, such as Hootsuite or Buffer, resellers can access a suite of tools and features that allow them to efficiently manage and grow their clients’ social media presence.

This not only provides an additional revenue stream for the reseller but also allows them to offer a full range of digital marketing services to their clients. With the increasing importance of social media in today’s business landscape, offering these services can be highly attractive to both new and existing clients, making it a worthwhile addition to any reselling software business strategy.

PPC reseller program

One lucrative option for agency owners and resellers in the reselling software business is to participate in a PPC (pay-per-click) reseller program. This type of program allows you to offer PPC advertising services to your clients without the need to develop or manage your own platform.

By partnering with an established PPC provider, you can leverage their expertise and technology to deliver effective digital marketing campaigns for your clients. This not only saves you time and resources but also allows you to earn recurring revenue through commissions or markups on the services provided.

With the growing demand for online advertising, participating in a PPC reseller program can be a smart move toward expanding your service offerings and increasing profitability within your reselling software business.

Reselling digital services alongside SaaS

Reselling digital services alongside Software as a Service (SaaS) is a lucrative opportunity for agency owners and resellers. By offering additional digital services like SEO, social media marketing, and PPC management in conjunction with SaaS products, you can provide comprehensive solutions to your clients while maximizing your profits.

This approach allows you to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and provides them with a one-stop shop for their software and digital service requirements. By partnering with reputable providers and leveraging their expertise, you can expand your offerings and tap into new revenue streams within the reselling software business.

With careful planning and strategic partnerships, reselling digital services alongside SaaS can significantly enhance the success of your reseller business.

Creating a Successful Reseller Business Model

In creating a successful reseller business model, it is crucial to identify and recruit the right reseller partners who align with your business goals and target market.

Identifying and recruiting the right reseller partners

To build a successful reselling software business, it is crucial to identify and recruit the right reseller partners. Look for individuals or companies with a strong network in your target market who have experience in sales and marketing.

Seek out potential partners who share your vision, values, and commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s important to establish clear expectations upfront, including commission structures and performance metrics.

By selecting the right reseller partners, you can expand your reach and generate more sales opportunities while leveraging their expertise in promoting and selling software products or services.

Determining commission and pricing

Determining the commission and pricing structure is a crucial aspect of running a successful reseller business. As an agency owner or reseller, you need to carefully consider factors such as your costs, competition, and target market when deciding on your commission rates and pricing strategy.

It’s important to strike a balance between offering competitive prices that attract customers while still ensuring profitability for your business.

One approach is to analyze the market and research what other software resellers are charging for similar products or services. This can give you a benchmark to work from and help guide your pricing decisions.

Additionally, consider the value you’re providing to clients through your offerings. If you provide extra support or unique features, it may be justifiable to charge slightly higher prices.

When it comes to commissions, it’s essential to establish clear guidelines with your partners upfront. Decide on a fair percentage based on the type of product or service being sold and the level of effort required from both parties.

A win-win situation is ideal here – where both you as the reseller and the partner receive adequate compensation for your efforts.

Creating a robust onboarding program

A robust onboarding program is crucial for the success of your reselling software business. It ensures that your resellers are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively promote and sell your software products. Here are some key steps to creating a strong onboarding program:

  1. Provide comprehensive training: Offer detailed training sessions or resources that cover all aspects of your software products, including their features, benefits, target audience, and use cases. This will enable your resellers to confidently pitch and sell your products.
  2. Offer ongoing support: Establish channels for continuous communication and support with your resellers. This can include regular check-ins, a dedicated support team, or an online community where resellers can ask questions and share best practices.
  3. Set clear expectations: Clearly outline the goals and objectives you have for your resellers, as well as any performance metrics or targets they need to meet. This will keep them motivated and focused on driving sales.
  4. Provide marketing materials: Supply your resellers with a range of marketing materials such as brochures, videos, case studies, and email templates that they can use to promote your software products. Make sure these materials are branded and customized to match their specific needs.
  5. Offer sales enablement tools: Equip your resellers with sales enablement tools such as demo accounts, trial versions of the software, and sample contracts or proposals. These resources will enable them to showcase the value of your products during the sales process.
  6. Foster a sense of community: Encourage collaboration among your reseller partners by organizing events or webinars where they can network with each other and share insights or success stories. This will create a supportive community that benefits everyone involved.
  7. Collect feedback: Regularly gather feedback from your resellers about their experiences with the onboarding program and any suggestions for improvement. Use this feedback to continuously refine and enhance your program.

Providing ongoing support and management

One crucial aspect of running a successful reselling software business is providing ongoing support and management to your reseller partners. This involves ensuring that they have the necessary resources, training, and materials to effectively promote and sell your software products or services.

By offering continuous guidance and assistance, you can help them overcome any challenges or obstacles they may encounter during the sales process. Additionally, it’s important to regularly communicate with your resellers to address their concerns, provide updates on new product features or offerings, and foster a strong partnership.

This ongoing support not only helps build trust and loyalty with your resellers but also ensures that they are equipped to effectively serve their clients and drive sales for your reselling software business.

Challenges and risks in reselling software business

  1. Competition: The reselling software business can be highly competitive, with numerous resellers vying for the same customers. Resellers may need to differentiate themselves through unique offerings or niche markets to stand out from the competition.
  2. Technical expertise: Reselling software business requires a strong understanding of the product and its features. Resellers may need to invest time and resources in training their team members to ensure they can effectively sell and support the software.
  3. Evolving technology: The software industry is constantly evolving, with new products and updates being released regularly. Resellers need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in order to remain competitive and provide value to their customers.
  4. Dependence on software vendors: Resellers rely on their relationships with software vendors for product availability, pricing, and support. Any changes or disruptions in these relationships could impact a reseller’s ability to meet customer demands.
  5. Pricing pressure: Software resellers often face pricing pressure from both competitors and customers. Resellers must find a balance between offering competitive prices while maintaining profitability.
  6. Customer support challenges: Providing quality customer support can be challenging for resellers, especially if they are selling a wide range of software products from different vendors. Ensuring prompt response times and resolving customer issues effectively are crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction.
  7. Legal considerations: Reselling software business may involve legal considerations such as licensing agreements, intellectual property rights, and compliance regulations. Resellers must ensure they are operating within legal boundaries to avoid potential legal disputes or penalties.
  8. Market saturation: As the popularity of reselling software business grows, some markets may become saturated with resellers offering similar products or services. This can make it more difficult for new resellers to enter the market or expand their customer base.
  9. Dependence on third-party providers: Many resellers rely on third-party providers for various aspects of their business, such as hosting platforms or marketing tools. Any issues or disruptions with these providers could impact a reseller’s operations and customer experience.
  10. Uncertain revenue streams: The revenue streams of software resellers can be unpredictable, especially if they rely heavily on one or a few key customers. Resellers need to diversify their customer base and establish long-term partnerships to ensure a stable income.

Remember, while these challenges exist in the software reselling industry, with proper planning, strategy, and dedication, individuals can overcome them and build a successful reselling business.


In conclusion, “The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Reselling Software Business” is your go-to resource for launching a successful software reselling venture. It provides valuable insights into different reseller models, the best programs to join, and tips for breaking into the market.

With this guide, you’ll have all the tools you need to create a profitable business in the thriving world of reselling software business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a key player in the industry and start your journey toward entrepreneurial success today!


1. What are the key steps to starting a reselling software business?

The key steps to starting a reselling software business include conducting market research, selecting the right software products to resell, creating a business plan, establishing partnerships with software vendors, setting up an online storefront or website, and implementing marketing strategies to attract customers.

2. How can I determine which software products are profitable for resale?

To determine which software products are profitable for resale, you should consider factors such as market demand, competition analysis, pricing and profit margins of the products, customer reviews and ratings, and potential for recurring revenue through subscriptions or licensing.

3. Do I need technical expertise or programming skills to start a reselling software business?

While having technical expertise or programming skills can be advantageous in understanding the intricacies of the software you are selling, it is not always necessary. Many resellers focus on sales and marketing aspects while relying on the support provided by the software vendors for technical assistance.

4. How can I effectively market my reselling software business?

To effectively market your reselling software business, you can utilize various strategies such as creating informative content about the benefits of using specific software programs on your website or blog, utilizing social media platforms for targeted advertising and engagement with potential customers, attending industry conferences or trade shows to network with professionals in your target market segment, and leveraging email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and build relationships with prospects.

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